Etna Volcano

An illustrated story about an independent visit to the largest volcano in Europe. Here you will learn how to get to Etna and how to climb to its top, as well as a walk through the side craters of the volcano.

The road to Etna. Catania - Nicolosi - Rifugio Sapienza

The road to Etna

There are several ways to get to Etna from Catania - for the laziest, a tour with a base cost of 50 euros, they are sold in numerous travel agencies of the city, if you are with your family or company, you can rent a car. The most affordable way for individuals is a bus going to the village of Rifugio Sapienza...(read more)

Torre del Filosofo

Torre del Filosofo, Etna

The origin of this name comes from the ancient ruins, where the Greek philosopher, doctor, poet and orator Empedocles supposedly lived in the V century BC...(read more)